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    The Green PolkaDot Box is closed on the following days:

    • January 1st, 2015
    • May 25th, 2015
    • July 3rd, 2015
    • September 7th, 2015
    • November 27th – 28th, 2015
    • December 24th – 25th, 2015
    • January 1st, 2016
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  • General Questions

    • What is the Green PolkaDot Box?

      The Green PolkaDot Box is a membership organization intended to grow to become the largest, most influential "buying collective" in America. Why? So we can accomplish the following objectives:

      1. Eliminate the "organic deserts" that exist through rural and urban America allowing everyone access to "clean" organic foods. Our ability to ship to every zip code will make healthy food accessible to all.
      2. Make clean organic food available to all health-minded consumers at affordable prices. We accomplish this by expanding the marketplace and inviting new consumers to participate, thereby increasing distribution and sales opportunities for our vendor partners.
      3. Using a "grass roots" approach, in cooperation with our influential institutional partners, we intend to educate the public about the links between diet and disease, motivating them to seek out healthier, clean organic alternatives. We know that, through truthful education, we can influence the buying decisions of our family members, friends and neighbors. We can reverse the ravaging effects of chronic disease that are devastating our aging population and protect our children from the debilitating consequences of processed and genetically modified foods.
    • What is a Buying Collective?

      When we say that we will become the most influential "buying collective", we're referring to building massive bargaining power. This is essential because without the purchasing might of millions of like-minded consumers we won't be able to influence food producers, growers or manufacturers to change how they currently operate. Until we can unite together in collective bargaining power with one voice to insist that our foods are clean and safe, we will be forced to rely on the status quo—the good will of agribusiness, government regulatory agencies, higher education systems, and the medical establishment—to make changes. With this process, things would NEVER change!

    • What is "clean" food?

      "Clean food" means certified organic foods of all varieties that are 3rd party-verified to be free of GMOs. We want to protect all consumers by insuring that food production in America is designed to exclude derivatives from GMO food crops and from dairy products injected with genetically modified growth hormones. In addition, we want to exclude meat from animals fed from GMO feed. As far as meats and fish are concerned, we will only accept certified organic animal proteins or 100 percent wild caught or grass fed animals. That is our definition of clean food.

      We will never knowingly offer products that contain GMOs. We will inform you. Currently, we offer manufacturers' and producers' products that are both Non-GMO Project verified and "self-claimed" GMO free working towards third party verification (ideally, in qualification with the NON-GMO PROJECT). We endeavor to work with manufacturers and growers that produce certified organic foods. At first, we will allow self-verification of NON-GMO products. As we grow in membership and consumer clout, we will insist on third party verification.

      Our objective pertaining to clean organic food is intended to protect not only consumers but also food providers. If we can help insure that providers produce clean food we will protect the labors and dollars they have invested to become "organic."

    • Why become a member of the Green PolkaDot Box?

      • As a Member, you will enjoy America's first and only online membership club for GMO-free and organic foods and other healthy products, delivered right to your door.
      • As a Member, you have access to the top name healthy food brands you know and trust.
      • As a Member, you will enjoy lower prices and potentially save hundreds to thousands of dollars each year.
      • As a Member, you will have access to additional education about healthier lifestyles for you and your family.
      • As a Rewards Member, you can earn extra discounts and cash with our Personal Purchase Discounts and PolkaDot Rewards program to help eliminate your grocery bill.
    • Does your service extend to Canada?

      Unfortunately, we are currently only shipping within the United States. We have received widespread interest from viewers in Canada. It is possible that sometime in the future we will expand outside of the U.S. We hope you will stay connected so that we can update you when this option becomes available.

    • Do you accept food stamps or EBT cards?

      We do not qualify for food stamps or EBT cards. Our executive team is in the process of determining whether or not we will be able to accept food stamps as payment in the future, and we will notify our members of any new developments.

    • Are you a MLM Company?

      No, we are not an MLM (Multi-Level Marketing) company. Although, people often think we are due to the rewards system we offer to our members. There are a few key differences:

      1. It is not a requirement that one refers others in order to become a member of the Green PolkaDot Box. Anyone may participate in both the Shop and Learn sections of our site without ever referring a single person!
      2. We do not require those members who do opt to participate in the Rewards Program to reach a certain minimum order to receive reward points. A rewards member could continue to receive points without ever purchasing a single product from the Green PolkaDot Box.
      3. A Rewards Member may only receive reward points for the individuals they have directly referred. There is no multi-level aspect to our system.

      When all is said and done, there are few similarities between our rewards system and an MLM company. And although, we offer incentives for sharing the Green PolkaDot Box with friends and family, we are most excited to have our members benefit from the great products and prices available on our site.

    • Are you a non-profit organization?

      No, we are not a non-profit organization. The Green PolkaDot Box is an Incorporated Company based in Utah.

    • What is your Return policy on products?

      We evaluate and deal with Member situations and requests for product returns on a case-by-case basis. As a general policy, the Company is committed to provide such a high level of service that Member complaints are not necessary. In the rare case when a Member is dissatisfied with The Green PolkaDot Box for any reason, the Company will do everything reasonably possible to satisfy and retain the trust of that Member. Members are encouraged to immediately contact the Member Services department via the Website to discuss any problems that may arise. Product refunds to Members are in the form of PolkaDot Reward Points for product dissatisfaction, however a Member and/or recipient of an order must confirm that the product received matches the product listed on the shipping invoice and is free of damage. Failure to notify the Company of any shipping discrepancy or damage within seven calendar days of receipt of shipment will cancel a Member's right to request a correction.

    • What about the Carbon footprint with shipping?

      A Carnegie Mellon study found that online shopping is 35% less environmentally harmful compared to the traditional local retail model. Amazon calculates that they use 1/16 of the energy compared to other companies to get the same product to the consumer. A significant portion of the product's carbon footprint is caused by the consumer driving to the local retail store to pick it up. This is called the "last mile", the last leg of the journey. Having one large truck on the road with several deliveries in the same area is less environmentally harmful then hundreds of cars driving a half an hour (or more!) round trip to their local co-op or health food store. Plus, if you choose all organic food, that lowers your carbon footprint significantly!

    Out of Stock Policy

    • What is your policy on products ordered when out of stock?

      Our inventory can fluctuate throughout the day, so an item indicated as “in stock” when you place your order may, in fact, be out of stock when the order is fulfilled. In this event, we make every effort to contact you by email immediately to notify you that your out-of-stock item will not be included in your shipped order. The email will also provide you with information regarding a credit, in the form of polka dot points, back into your account for use on your next order.

    Product Questions

    • Are your Products GMO Free?

      We are happy to inform our members that we are committed to carrying only GMO-free products on our site. For this reason, we do not have a specific "Non-GMO" dietary badge. However, we have designed various dietary badges to differentiate products, including a badge for all products that are Non-GMO Project verified. We want to provide our members with all the information they need to be confident that they are purchasing the healthiest and safest products on the market, free of GMOs and other harmful ingredients. We plan to carry the largest variety of organic, non-GMO foods at discounted prices at the Green PolkaDot Box!

    • Is everything on the website organic?

      Not all of our products are certified organic. For this reason, we have created labels (the small circle icons with different symbols inside) for each product. Each attribute (whether it is organic, gluten-free, vegan, kosher, etc.) is represented by an icon. By placing the cursor over any of the symbols, you can view a description of that attribute. After searching for a specific item, you can click on "Dietary Needs" at the top of the page and modify your search by selecting the characteristics that are important to you. In this way, we hope to be able to accommodate all of our members and their various dietary lifestyles!

    • Will you be adding more products in the future?

      We are constantly adding new brands. We plan to carry many of the items that our members suggest in the future. We hope that we will eventually be able to accommodate all dietary lifestyle needs! We have a "Request-a-Product" page that allows our members to make product suggestions that will then be passed on to our board for review. Please feel free to share with us any other items that you would like to see available on the website; you can send those recommendations by clicking the "Request-a-Product" link in the footer of the website or through our Member Services page.

    • How can I make product or brand suggestions?

      We have a "Request-a-Product" page that allows our members to make product suggestions that will then be passed on to our board for review. Please feel free to share with us any other items that you would like to see available on the website; you can send those recommendations by clicking the "Request-a-Product" link in the footer of the website or through our Member Services page.

    Shipping and Ordering Questions

    • What is your Low Price Guarantee?

      Our vision is to make clean and safe food available to our members at affordable prices. As such, we are excited to offer a low price guarantee to all of our Club, Rewards, Charter and Founding Trust Members. If a member finds a lower price on the exact same packaged item (product, brand and size), we are happy to match the price by crediting the member’s account in PolkaDot points (1 point= $1 US) for the price difference. The member must provide accurate proof of the published lower price (ie. picture of receipt, website address etc.) from any retail or online store within 7 calendar days after their purchase.

      Some exceptions will apply, including: produce, bulk purchases, case lot sales, sales due to product expiration dates, other subscription or membership-based offerings (i.e Amazon subscription, Co-op etc.)

    • When will my order ship and be delivered?

      Nationwide "General Good" orders (containing only dry goods) will be processed within 24 hours of the following business day, with the exception of holidays. After the order has processed, it will be shipped. Please note, our warehouse is not open over the weekend.

      Western States:

      Currently, we are able to ship orders containing refrigerated/frozen goods anywhere within a 2-day ship from our warehouse in Utah. These orders will be processed and shipped daily through Wednesday to ensure delivery by the weekend.

    • How much do you charge for shipping?

      FREE Standard Delivery is available for the continental U.S. on all orders that are $150 or more. Those orders below the $150 are shipped at the following rate:

      • Orders $150+ = FREE
      • Orders $100 - $149 = $4.95
      • Orders $50 - $99 = $9.95
      • Orders less than $50 = $19.95

      For any orders weighing more than 63 lbs. a $5.00 surcharge will be applied for each 63 lbs in weight. Orders containing refrigerated/frozen products are currently restricted to areas within 2 day shipping from Utah and are charged an additional frozen surcharge as indicated below.

      We use a tiered Frozen Surcharge to offset the additional costs for packaging the Frozen/Refrigerated product line. This is an additional charge to the standard shipping fee. The calculation is based on the cubic inches of the insulated box used to ship the order from small to large. The more cubic inches used the lower the cost. The tiered charge is calculated as follows:

      • Small box (up to 700 cubic inches) = $9.99
      • Medium Box (up to 1500 cubic inches) = $7.99
      • 2 Mediums / Large Box (up to 2300 cubic inches) = $4.99
      • Large Box plus (2301 cubic inches and above) = $0.00

      Note: This surcharge cannot be off-set with any “Free Shipping” coupons or promotions.

      These 100% recyclable boxes, earth friendly insulation liner and gel packs ensure your refrigerated and/or freezer items arrive in top condition to your door.

    • Is there a minimum order requirement?

      There is no minimum order requirement to purchase any products listed on our website. All products are shipped from our Utah warehouse with shipping and surcharges applicable.

    • Do you ship internationally?

      Currently, the Green PolkaDot Box only allows persons residing in the United States of America or Puerto Rico to become Members and place orders. Therefore, we do not ship outside the U.S. or Puerto Rico right now.

    • Do you ship to Hawaii, Alaska or Puerto Rico?

      We do ship to Hawaii, Alaska and Puerto Rico via USPS Standard Post (delivery can take up to 3 weeks).

    • What carriers do you use to ship?

      We currently use FedEx and USPS delivery services to ship to the continental U.S. We utilize USPS Standard Post to ship orders to Hawaii, Alaska and Puerto Rico. It is possible that we may find other shipping options in the future.

    • Do I have to pay sales tax?

      For Members who reside in Utah, a sales tax will apply to their order. For orders outside of Utah, there will be no sales tax.

    • When will you charge my credit card?

      Your credit card will be charged immediately following the checkout and purchase of your items.

    • Can I send my order to an APO/FPO/PO Box address?

      Currently, we do not have the option of shipping to APO/FPO/PO boxes; but, we are hopeful that this will become a reality in the future. Stay tuned for updates.

    • How do I apply my points to my order?

      To apply points towards your order, you need to make sure to go to your shopping cart before you go to the Checkout page. You can access your shopping cart by clicking on the "My Cart" header at the top of the website. Once in your cart, scroll down to the bottom of the page and you will see a box labeled "Spend My PolkaDot Points". Enter the point amount, click apply and head to checkout. Please note that points cannot apply or offset any shipping charges or refrigerated/frozen surcharges. In the case that PolkaDot Points are not applied at the time of checkout, these points will remain available to use on future orders. We are unable to modify the payment type or refund for for points not applied once the order has processed.

    • Can I add or remove things from my order?

      Due to our warehousing logistics, once an order has been placed, we are unable to add or subtract items from that order. We can, however, cancel an order within 1 hour of the order being placed (Please see “Can I cancel my order”).

    • Can I cancel my order?

      If for any reason a member needs to cancel an order, we will do everything within our ability to accommodate them. We ask that members let us know within 1 hour of placement for us to complete a cancellation. Outside this time frame, we will be unable to assist members with cancellation due to the workflow of our warehouse.

    • How can I track my order?

      Once a Member is logged into their "My Account Dashboard" page, they may select the link "My Orders" on the far left side of the page. Here, the Member may view their recent orders and check the status of the order. In addition, once the order has left our warehouse the Member will receive an email notification that the order has shipped and provide the appropriate tracking number.

    • What happens if I am not home when my order arrives?

      Our delivery services will deliver these products to your door; so your order will be waiting there for you when you arrive home.

    • What if something happens to my order during shipment?

      We are eager to provide our members with the highest quality products. As such, our policy is to not ship any damaged products out of our warehouse, including: dented cans, broken or smashed bottles and packages. Anytime an order is damaged during shipment, we are happy to work with you. We may ask for pictures to assist us in filing a claim with FedEx for the shipping damages.

      We diligently inspect metal canned items for dents as we ship them to ensure that they are dent free when they leave our facility. Minor denting to cans (that does not impact the ability to open the can) that occurs in transit is foreseeable and acceptable and does not affect the safety of the product within. Please report major dents; punctured cans, broken air seals or dents that prevent cans from being opened.

      We do not accept returned food items. This policy is intended for the health and wellbeing of our Members. The only exception would be in the case of damage verification for our carrier. If you receive a damaged item, you must report it to us within 7 days of delivery so that we can begin the claims process with our carrier. Do not discard the damaged item until you have contacted us. The carrier may require photo evidence or that the damaged item be returned.

      In the event that a product is damaged requiring a credit/refund this will be in the form of PolkaDot Points.

      Unfortunately, sometimes orders are lost during shipment. We do not receive notification from the shipper when this happens. Often times, our members will be the first to inform us regarding this occurrence. Upon notification, our Member Services Team will immediately contact the shipper to initiate a trace. They will send out delivery personnel within 48 hours to verify the address. After the shipper has completed the trace and confirmed the lost package, we will be able to address and resolve the issue.

    My Account Questions

    • How do I manage my account with the Green PolkaDot Box?

      Each Member is provided with access to manage their account at From their account dashboard, each Member has an in-depth view of their Account Information, Managing Addresses, How to Refer a Friend, Order History and, of course, their Rewards Points. Each Member may access the "My Account" section by clicking the "Log In" link in the top right of the website by entering their email address and the password that was created. The "My Account Dashboard" page gives a quick overview of the Member's account.

    • How do I change my email address and other account information?

      Once a Member is logged into their "My Account Dashboard" page, they may select the link "My Membership Information" on the far left side of the page. Here, the Member may change their email address, name, date of birth (optional) or address information and then save the changes.

    • How do I change my password?

      Once a Member is logged into their "My Account Dashboard" page, they may select the link "My Membership Information" on the far left side of the page. Here, the Member may select the check box labeled "Change Password" and fill out the necessary information for a password change. Then, simply save the changes.

    • How do I add or change shipping addresses?

      Once a Member is logged into their "My Account Dashboard" page, they may select the link "My Address Book" on the far left side of the page. Here, the Member may add or change their Billing and Shipping Addresses; in addition, they can set specific addresses as Default and store additional addresses.

    • How do I refer others to the Green PolkaDot Box and get credit for it?

      Once a Member is logged into their "My Account Dashboard" page they may select the link "My Referrals" on the far left side of the page. Here, the Member may view their unique member referral link code (URL). This referral link is critical to give to your friends, family members and others when they visit the site for the first time. The website will capture the referring member's information and give them the appropriate credit for PolkaDot rewards points and other referring benefits. Additionally, on this page the Member can send GPDB Invitations with the unique member referral link code (URL) imbedded within.

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